4 Awesome benefits of eating scent leaves

Scent leaf, it’s botanical name ocimum gratissimum and locally called Efinrin by Yorubas , nchanwu leaf by igbos and daidoya by hausas. This sweet-smelling leaf is a homegrown plant and used mainly as a spice due to its aromatic taste and the flavor it adds to meals. It’s enriched with calcium, phosphorus, carbon, iron and vitamin A. The most awesome aspect is that when it’s consumed it does the body a whole lot of good. Find out the amazing health benefits of eating scent leaves below.

* It aids digestion

In treating indigestion, simply crush these leaves and drink the extracted juice. It has a calming and soothing effect that aids in easy bowel movement and also decreases bloating in the body caused by indigestion.

* It lowers blood sugar

Regular consumption f this wonder leaf can help prevent cancer and also lower high blood sugar content in the body.

* It facilitates milk production

Nursing mothers who have low milk production should include scent leaves in their daily meals in order to stimulate more milk production.

* It improves the health of the eyes and mouth

Due to its high vitamin A content, scent leaves when it’s consumed regularly can cure a whole lot of eye infections like conjunctivitis prevent night blindness and any other vision problems. Juice extracted from scent leaves can be used as a mouthwash in eliminating bad breath.