How a lady should make the first move?

For many women, this subject might be a no-go-area. But it might interest you to know that some men prefer women approaching them. It depicts confidence and turns them on. Besides, you can’t wait forever for that shy guy to man up. Who even said making a move had to involve being slutty? It’s just about giving cues and making the environment conducive for the next phase.

* Let your body language talk

Lean into him suggestively and touch him at intervals. Maintain eye contact and smile a lot. This is the art of flirting.

* Spend time with him

Making overtures when he’s with friends can be daunting so try to get alone time with him. Casually suggest ways you could hang out and he might get comfortable enough to leave his shell.

* Make him laugh

You are not a circus act so don’t make it over the top. Gauge what he relates to and try witty one-liners. If he is laughing with you then he soon might be dancing with you and God knows what next.

* Try coy romance

A romantic gesture like a rose or a charming card or any other gift you know he would appreciate but whose meaning he won’t mistake can do the job for you.

* Suggestive texting

Send funny, flirtatious text messages and if he replies in like manner then keep doing it for a while. It heightens tension between you two and if he doesn’t cave and ask you out…

* Go all out

Pointedly tell him you like him and wait for his reaction. If time drags a bit, don’t chicken out. Ask him if he feels the same way but don’t make it seem like an ultimatum. Be sure you are ready for whatever his reply may be.
His level of responsiveness will tell you if he is interested at all so you don’t fail woefully. Thus, be observant.