Internet dating tips every young girl must know

They say that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know so for starters dating online is a big no-no. Yes, many have found their heartthrobs online and good for them but have the guys you can physically interact with finished that you have to go online? That it has worked for others does not necessarily mean it will work for you. It is another matter if it’s a guy you knew before and then happened to reconnect with online but even then, he may have changed in profound ways so it is best to interact face to face before taking a step further.

However, if online dating is still a path you want to explore then shine your eyes. Don’t allow anyone take you for a ride, telling you tall tales. Be careful of giving sensitive information. This might seem like common sense but when it seems like the guy’s story checks out, some women let their guard down and won’t even realize what hit them next. Never send nude pictures either. Keep your self-respect if you want him to genuinely appreciate you. Moreso, even if the guy is not a con artist, you don’t want to send the vibe that you are desperate, do you? So, let him seek you out online. Do not always be the one who says ‘hi’ first.

Observe how easily he opens up; this can be both good and bad. A guy who shies away from revealing stuff is shady but a guy who is eager to tell you his life story is equally suspicious because his story just might be rehearsed. If things get serious, press for a meeting before you commit. Pick out somewhere public, like the movies, somewhere that doesn’t scream ‘date’ so you two won’t feel pressured and in case things get awkward, you can just focus on the movie instead.