Reasons why silent treatment shouldn’t be an option

Loved ones might piss you off so much that you decide to ‘lock up’. You feel they deserve to be given a cold shoulder just so they can understand the gravity of what they have done or how much they have annoyed you. You may feel justified in ‘punishing’ them but more often than not in your bid to inflict hurt on them, you do so on yourself instead. The silent treatment should not an option to prove how upset you are. Rather, talk it out and move on, here are five reasons why:

The silent treatment usually blows the problem out of proportion. After a while, you may even forget why you are fighting in the first place and over time, the reason for the fight would not be worth keeping malice.

It consumes your time and energy. Except you are very vindictive, it takes conscious effort to remember that you are not talking to a loved one so what happens is that at times you have information or gossip to share and then you want to tell that person but you suddenly remember you are meant to be keeping malice. That’s just work! It hinders you from moving forward. Giving someone the silent treatment means whatever that person has done to you festers in your mind and then you have to shoulder that baggage always.

If this happens with someone you are really close to, it can affect your other relationships. You might find yourself wanting to tell other people over and over how you were hurt. This stops you from enjoying other relationships and might make people tire of you. It makes you the bad guy. This might seem like a silly reason not to keep malice but just for the fact that you don’t want to be caught being the offender, be the bigger person and let go.