Why comparing your partner with others can be a disaster?

Comparing your partner with others is not bad in its sense; it is how you do it that truly matters.
Research has shown that comparison is a natural attribute of man. It helps us make sense out of life situations. We must understand that we actually accepted our partner’s proposal to date us because we compared him with others that were asking us out and found them more likeable than the rest. So comparison in itself is not a bad idea, it is how you do it that matters.

For instance, if you notice that your partner isn’t good at chores or tidying up the house, it is not a leverage to compare him with your ex who is better off at those things. Such comparison can quickly put off the steam in any relationship. you should understand that why your partner might not be good at house chores is because he doesn’t have as much free time as your ex.

When negative comparison begins to brew in your mind, you must endeavor to view your partner in a positive light. However, if you decide to rest on negative comparison then your relationship can take an awful twist. The way we view our relationship really matters a lot, if we consider ourselves more like a unit, then we would definitely learn to compare our partner with others from a positive perspective. This would help bring the best out of your partner.